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40 Million Americans are attempting to make their monthly student loan payments. In the event that your payment is excessively high or you are a victim of predatory lending by your school or lender, we can offer assistance!

What types of loans can be consolidated?

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Academia Help Center: To provide meaningful advice and, if at all possible, free you from the bondage of debt.

Academia Help Center is more than just a provider of world-class advice and expertise. We view it as our mission to guide hopeful borrowers through the often twisted paths to debt reduction, payment adjustment, or even debt forgiveness.

Founded with the goal of serving the best interests of its clients, Academia Help Center makes it it's focus to guide those in need of direction to their best future.

Academia Help Center boasts a team of knowledgeable, expert agents combined with state-of-the-art user engagement systems, combined to provide engaging and helpful solutions to debt related questions.

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